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Handbook | B. Permanent Commissions

B. Permanent Commissions

01. International Title Regulations (Qualification Commission)
0.0. Introduction
1.0. Requirements for the titles designated in 0.31.
2.0. Requirements for the titles in 0.32 and 0.33.
3.0. Requirements for Chess Composition Titles
4.0. Requirements for Correspondence Chess Titles
5.0. Application Procedure
02. FIDE Rating Regulations (Qualification Commission)
0.0. Introduction
1.0. Rate of Play
2.0. Laws to be followed
3.0. Number of rounds per day
4.0. Duration of the event
5.0. Unplayed games
6.0. Composition of the tournament
7.0. Registration of events to be rated
8.0. Submission of reports
9.0. Official FIDE Rating List
10.0. The working of the FIDE Rating System
11.0. Reporting Procedures
12.0. Monitoring the Operation of the Rating System
13.0. The requirements for the FIDE Rating System Administrator
14.0. Some comments on the Rating system
15.0. Rapid Ratings (GA `98)
03. FIDE Registration of International Competitions
04. CACDEC Statutes (Committee for Assistance to Chess Developing Countries)
05. Rapid Chess Competitions

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