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03. FIDE Registration of International Competitions

Approved by the 1980 General Assembly.
Amended by the 1984, 1995 and 1996 General Assemblies and 1999 Executive Board.

FIDE provides an umbrella for vital services such as categorisation of tournaments and title norms. For these services FIDE should be properly funded. On registration FIDE shall supervise the proper scheduling of important events to avoid conflicts in the chess calendar. Registration shall consist of:

  1. Certification by the national federation that it approves the event.
  2. Arbiter's report submitted not later than two weeks after conclusion of the event, including details of results, tournament category, norms, ratings of players, protests and other significant incidents.
  3. The national federations in whose territories international chess competitions are held, are to register these tournaments at the FIDE Secretariat; a list of the registered tournaments will be published regularly; the federations will be invoiced once a year, effective with events beginning on or after January 1st, 1981, on the basis of the following division:
  4. The registration fee is calculated on the basis of the following division: (GA '95)
    Tournaments of categories 0 to 3 50 Swiss Francs (EB '99)
    Tournaments of categories 4 and 5 100 Swiss Francs
    Tournaments of categories 6 and 7 150 Swiss Francs
    Tournaments of categories 8 to 10 200 Swiss Francs
    Other categories multiply 40 Swiss Francs by the category.
    Swiss Tournaments (Number of players multiplied by Sfr.2
    for up to 300 players and then multiply by SFr.1)
    Team Tournaments (SFr.30 per team, except for national championship which will pay a maximum of SFr.200)
    Matches, according to category above
  5. (GA '95) However, in no case shall a federation be charged more than SFr.4,000. per year.
  6. For the time being no registration fees will be required for ladies' tournaments although these tournaments as a matter of course should be registered.
  7. Small tournaments such as local Swiss tournaments shall be exempt from registration fees. (GA '80)
  8. Secretariat will exempt from registration fee an event in which less than five rateable results have been reported. (GA '80)
  9. (GA '96) Announcements of open tournaments should also be sent by email in ASCII text to FIDE for publication on the FIDE Web site.

Report Form for the Registration of International Competitions

Tournament Name:
Start Date:                End Date:
Projected number of players:                Number of rounds:
Time Limits:              moves in      hours; then      moves in      hour
Level/Type of tournament:                      Projected Category:
GM                      IM              Rating              Swiss system              Team Tmnt.
Scehveningen              Individual Match              Team Match

Manner of choice of participants

Invitation      Open to all              Qualification
Representatives              Other:
Chief Arbiter:

Phone:              Fax:              Telex:

Place              Date      Signature/Seal of Federation

Please send this form to FIDE Secretariat with copy to:
Continental President for Europe for competitions in Zones 1.1 to 1.9
Continental President for Americas for competitions in Zones 2.1. to 2.5
Continental President for Asia for competitions in Zones 3.1 to 3.3
Continental President for Africa for competitions in Zones 4.1 to 4.3

For announcement of Open Tournaments on the FIDE Web site, please also send these details and other information in ASCII text by e-mail to FIDE.

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