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0.0. Introduction


Only the titles as in 0.3 are acknowledge by FIDE.

0.2 The following regulations can only be altered by the General Assembly following recommendation by the appropriate Committee and then by the Qualification Commission.

0.21 Any such changes will only be made every forth year, commencing from 2004 (unless Committee and Commission agree urgent action required).
0.22 Any such changes shall take effect from 1st July of the year following the decision by the General Assembly. For tournaments, such changes will apply to those starting on or after that date.
0.3 The International FIDE titles shall be under the umbrella of the Qualification Commission, which is the final judging unit. The titles are:
0.31 Titles for over-the-board chess (as defined in 1.14), the judging unit being the FIDE Titles and Ratings Committee:
Grandmaster (GM), International Master (IM), FIDE Master (FM), Candidate Master, Woman Grandmaster (WGM), Woman International Master (WIM), Woman FIDE Master (WFM), Woman Candidate Master, Honorary Grandmaster (HGM), Honorary Master (HM).

International Arbiter (IA) the judging unit being the FIDE Arbiters Council.

0.33 International Organizer (IO) the judging unit being the FIDE Organizerís Committee.

Titles for chess composition, the judging unit being the FIDE Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions: Grandmaster of Solving (GS), International Master of Solving (IMS), FIDE Master of Solving (FMS); Grandmaster of Composing (GMC), International Master of Composing (IMC), FIDE Master of Composing (FMC); International Judge of Chess Composition (IJCC).

0.35 Titles for correspondence chess, the judging unit being the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).
0.36 Chess Instructor Title, the judging unit being the FIDE Trainerís Committee.

Titles awarded for meritorious activity other than practical play. Normally these have the object of bestowing honours. Such titles shall be awarded by the General Assembly.

0.4 The titles are valid for life from the date awarded or registered.
0.41 Use of a FIDE title or rating to subvert the ethical principles of the title or rating system may subject a person to revocation of his title upon recommendation by the Qualification Commission and final action by the General Assembly.
0.5 The Award of Titles.
0.51 Titles in 0.31 are awarded for specific results in specific Championship events;†
Or are awarded on achieving a rating as laid down in these regulations. Such titles are registered by the Chairman of the Qualification Commission on advice by the FIDE Office.†
Or are awarded by the General Assembly on recommendation by the Qualification Commission that the candidate meets the requirements.
0.52 The Presidential Board or Executive Board may award titles under 0.31, 0.32, 0.33 or 0.36 in clear cases only, after consultation with the appropriate Chairman.
0.53 For 0.35, the ICCF both judges and awards the titles; upon receving the report of the award, the General Assembly shall confirm the title.
0.6 Members of the Qualification Commission are:

Elected by the General Assembly for the same period of office as the FIDE President: president or chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary and 5 experts

0.62 Members due to their office:
The Presidential Board, the Zone Presidents of FIDE and the FIDE Rating System Administrator.
0.63 The Commission usually makes its decisions in the sessions immediately preceding the opening of the General Assembly.
0.64 A Zone President may give his proxy to a representative
0.65 The method of the voting is as stipulated in Art. 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9 of the FIDE Statutes.
0.66 In exceptional circumstances, The Commission may recommend a title by correspondence voting.

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