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Handbook | B. Permanent Commissions | 02. FIDE Rating Regulations (Qualification Commission) | 11.0. Reporting Procedures

11.0. Reporting Procedures


Results should be submitted as in B.01 article 7. Article 7.2 is ignored where irrelevant.


The principal information to be reported for a round robin tournament is conveniently grouped on form 1, attached. It consists of:


Identification of the event, including exact dates of beginning and end.


Specification of the time limit.


The complete cross-table. This must list the players in final rank order, together with full first names, titles, federation affiliation and rating. Any change from that appearing on the current FRL, such as a change in name following marriage, must be carefully annotated. For each player, his results against each opponent must be given as 1, 1/2 (or 0.5) or 0. Any result arising from an unplayed game shall be marked with "+", "-" or "=" where a full point, zero or half a point have been awarded respectively. An explanation must be given where appropriate. Any unusual circumstances in the event must also be described.


The principal information to be reported for a Swiss or team tournament is conveniently grouped on forms 2 and 3, attached. It consists of the material listed in 11.2. and also the color played in a given game. A full cross-table of the event must also be included.


Alternatively a computer generated table can be submitted as a rating report. This must show Rar, n and W. For unrated players where n is less than 3, zero should be entered in the Rar column. (GA 2002)

A column for W-We should also be included (i.e. the rating increment before application of K). For an unrated player who meets at least 3 rated opponents, his Ru should be given even if this is less than 1801.

A federation wishing to submit results in this form should consult the Rating Administrator beforehand so that there can be test runs of the program.


Results of all international competitions must be submitted for rating unless the original invitations have made it clear the event was not to be FIDE rated. The chief arbiter must also announce this to the players before the tournament starts.


Each national federation shall designate an official to coordinate and expedite qualification and rating matters. His name and details must be given to the FIDE Secretariat.

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