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9.0. Official FIDE Rating List


The Qualification Commission shall prepare a list four times a year (GA 1999) which incorporates the rated play during the rating period into the previous list. This shall be done using the rating system formula based on the percentage expectancy curve and derived from the normal distribution function of statistical and probability theory.

9.11 The list published 1.1 is used for events commencing 1.1-31.3

The list published 1.4 is used for events commencing 1.4-30.6

The list published 1.7 is used for events commencing 1.7-30.9

The list published 1.10 is used for events commencing 1.10-31.12


The following data concerning each player:

9.12a The name of each player whose rating exceeds 1800 as of the current date for the list.
FIDE title, Federation, Current rating, ID Number, Number of games rated in the rating period, and Birthdate
The current value of k for the player and over how many games this has been played when k = 25. (See 10.54b)
9.13 The closing dates for receipt of information for a particular list are usually one month before the publication of that list.
9.13a Rated play completed or received after the closing date will not normally be included in the computations for the rating list in question.
9.14 A rating for a player new to the list shall be published only if it meets the following criteria:

If based on results obtained under 6.3., a minimum of 9 games.


If based on results obtained under 6.4., a minimum of 9 games played against rated opponents.

9.14c The condition of 9 games need not be met in one tournament: results from other events, played within the same or next 7 rating periods, are pooled to obtain the initial rating.
9.2 Players who are not to be included on the list:
9.21 Players whose ratings drop below 1801 are listed on the next list as "delisted". Thereafter they are treated in the same manner as any other unrated player.
9.22 Unrated titled players are published in a separate list concurrently with the list of rated titled players.
9.23 Inactive players are not included on the list but nonetheless are considered rated at their most recent published rating for rating and title result purposes.

9.23a Players are considered to commence inactivity if they play fewer than 4 rated games in a one year period.
9.23b Inactive players are shown on the next 7 rating lists after starting being considered inactive. Their names are then flagged as inactive in the alphabetical section of the rating list and removed from the national federation`s lists which would contain only the list of active players (GA `98).
9.23c A player regains his activity if he plays at least 4 rated games in a one year period and he is then listed on the next list.

For the purposes of the FIDE rating list ranking of top players, a player who isšinactive over a 12 months period of inactivity on the rating list will no longer appear on the monthly top list.


The Qualification Commission shall move to monthly rating lists on 1 July of the year following a decision to do by the Presidential Board. The above regulations shall be amended as follows:

9.41 The list published on the 1st of the month shall be effective between the first and the last day of that month.
9.42 The name of each player whose rating exceeds 1800 shall be published.
9.43 The closing date for receipt for information will normally be the end of the month, 30 days before the next list.

Players whose rating drops below 1801 will be listed in the next list as `delisted`. Thereafter they will be treated in the same manner as any other unrated player.

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