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D.VIII. World Championship for Rapid Chess

World Championship for Rapid Chess
Approved by the 1998 General Assembly.
Amended by the 1999 Presidential Board and FIDE Congress Bled 2002.



The World Championship for Rapid shall be organized annually under the aegis of FIDE by a federation entrusted with the task by the General Assembly at least one year in advance.



Sixteen players will be qualified for the tournament

The best rated of each of the Continent (Africa, America, Asia, Europe)
The best 8 rated players
Four nominees from the Organizing Committee



At least three months before the tournament, the organising federation will send an invitation to all players qualified. The invitations shall be approved by the FIDE President.

Regulations for the World Championship D.I.03 under 13.1, 13.2 and 21 will be applied.

Playing Schedule


Each player will have 25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks.

The participants will be divided in 2 groups of 8 players.
Group A will have players with the first, fourth, fifth, eighth Elo.
Group B will have players with the second, third, sixth, seventh Elo.



The FIDE president shall appoint the Chief Arbiter after consultation with the organizing federation. The organizing federation shall appoint as many Deputy and Assistant arbiters as necessary.

A protest against the decision must be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter, within two hours of the original decision. The protest shall be accompanied by a fee to be determined by the organizing committee, which shall be returnable if the appeal is successful.

Appeals Committee


Before the beginning of the first round an Appeals Committee shall be set up. The Appeals Committee shall consist of three members including one representative of FIDE. No member of the Appeals Committee shall take part in a decision affecting a player of his own federation.



The prize fund shall be at least Sfr 150`000.

At the end of the tournament the organizer will transfer 10 % from the prize fund to FIDE bank account.

The organiser shall provide free board and lodging for each players and chief Arbiter.

The player`s travelling cost will be met themselves or by their national federations.

   FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

FIDE President

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