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D.VII.01. World Senior (Women) Championship

World Senior (Women) Championship
Approved by the 1990 General Assembly.
Amended by the 1992 General Assembly and 1995 Presidential Board.



The World Senior (Women) Championship shall be organized annually under the aegis of FIDE by a federation entrusted with the task by the General Assembly at least one year in advance.



(PB '95) The participant must have reached his 60th birthday (for women's championship, 50th birthday) on January 1st of the year in which the tournament is held. For example, each participant in the 1991 Championship must be born on or before 01.01.31.


The World Senior Championship is an open tournament for players registered by their federation. FIDE member federations shall have the right to send as many players as they wish. (There shall be a separate Women's Championship if there are ten women from at least four zones. Each zone shall receive a free place for women.


At least six months before the beginning of the Championship, the organizing federation shall send an invitation to all FIDE member federations. The invitation shall be approved by the FIDE President. Copies of the invitation are to be sent to the Deputy Presidents and the Zone Presidents.


At least two months before the beginning of the Championship each participant shall register his entry with the organizing committee. The birthdate of each participant must be given and must correspond with the birthdate given in his passport or other travel document.

Playing Schedule


The championship shall be played in 11 rounds of the Swiss system. It shall be played according to the FIDE Regulations.


The time limit is 40 moves in 100 minutes, then 20 moves in 50 minutes and finally 10 minutes for the remaining moves. From move 1 30 second will be added after each move. The games shall be played using the DGT clocks.



The FIDE President shall appoint the Chief Arbiter after consultation with the organizing federation. The organizing federation shall appoint as many Deputy and Assistant Arbiters as necessary.


A protest against the decision of an Arbiter must be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter, within two hours after the end of the playing session.

Appeals Committee


Before the beginning of the first round, an Appeals Committee shall be elected by the players. The Appeals Committee shall consist of three members and two reserves, and shall represent five different federations. No member of the Appeals Committee shall take part in a decision affecting a player of his own federation.

Designation of the Winner


The final ranking order of the players is determined by the number of points scored. If at the end of the tournament two or more players are tied for the first place, the tie shall be broken as follows:

  1. For swiss tournaments where the players involved have all played only against rated opponents, after eliminating the lowest rated opponent, find the sum of opponents' ratings. The highest total wins. If still tied, eliminate the rating of the next lowest rated opponent(s) until a decision is possible.
  2. For other swiss tournaments, the sum of progressive scores. The highest total wins. If still tied, deduct the first round score, and if necessary the second round and so on.

    In a tie for first place wherein the above does not decide, the winners shall be declared co-champions.

    If the tie remains unbroken, decide by lot.

  3. The winner of the World Senior Championship shall be awarded the title of Grandmaster.
  4. The winner of the World Senior Women's Championship shall be awarded the title of Woman Grandmaster.

Financial Regulations


Each player registered for participation in the World Senior (Women) Championship, or his federation, shall pay to the organizer the minimum entry fee (A.03 Section 7) not later than one month before the beginning of the competition. The organizer has to transfer this entry fee to FIDE. With the approval of the FIDE President additional entry fees payable to the organizer may be set.


The players' travelling costs will be met by themselves or by their national federations.


The organizer shall provide free board and lodging (single rooms with bath and/or shower) for at least one player of each zone and for the Chief Arbiter. The Zonal Presidents are entitled to nominate these hosted players.


All players aside from those hosted, and the accompanying persons shall pay the expenses for board and lodging themselves. The organizing federation shall offer reasonable and favorably priced accommodation and shall state the daily costs.



Before the beginning of the first round, a list of the prizes to be awarded to the highest placed participants, including special prizes, shall be published together with the rules for their award. The organizing committee shall also award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the players taking the first three places in the Championship.

The prize fund shall be at least 10,000 Swiss Francs.

General Provisions


The organizing committee shall insure the participants against accidents and the need for medical services including cost of medicines in case of acute illnesses, surgical operations, etc. The organizing committee shall not be responsible for medical services needed for treatment of chronic or other illnesses which already existed before the start of the Championship. <$B0>

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