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01. Team Championships

Regulations for FIDE team competitions for
Men's and Women's National Teams

Approved by the 1983 and 1984 General Assemblies

Basic Regulations




Types of competitions

The team competitions comprise the following events, listed in order of their occurrence in the competition cycle:

  • the Continental Chess Championships
  • the Chess Olympiad
  • the World Chess Team Championship


The Chess Olympiad is for Men's and Women's teams.
The Continental Chess Championships and the World Chess Team Championship are at present for men's teams only.



  • and in the same recurring sequence thereafter.

The Continental Championships
These contests are held

  • for the area of the African continent.
  • for the area of the American continents.
  • for the area of the continent of Asia, including the continent of Australia.
  • for the area of the European continent.

Rules for these contests are in Annexes D.II.02-06.
Organizing body: FIDE, represented by the FIDE Continental President of the individual continent.


The Chess Olympiad

Annex D.II.07 contains the specific regulations for this competition.
Organizing body: FIDE, represented by the FIDE President.


The World Chess Team Championship

The rules for this championship are laid down in Annex D.II.08.
Organizing body: FIDE, represented by the FIDE President.


Responsibility of organizers

With respect to paragraphs 1.13 to 1.15, the FIDE President and Continental Presidents are personally and officially responsible for the entire contest, including its preparation and conclusion. For the execution of their tasks, an "administrator" will be appointed for each separate event. The selection of administrators is governed by the specific rules for each type of team competition.



In exceptional cases only, when the President is unable to fulfil in person the duties specified in these regulations, he may appoint a FIDE Continental President to carry out such functions in his place. In that case, decisions of this Continental President are final.
In a case of short-term absence from the contest, the President may nominate another person as his (temporary) representative.
In the case of a total incapacitation of the President, the Executive Council shall appoint his deputy.
If a FIDE Continental President is unable to fulfil his functions at the Continental Championship, the FIDE President shall appoint a Zonal President from the continent in question to take over the Continental President's tasks.


General stipulation

In situations where the demands are difficult or conflicting, the FIDE President or Continental President are empowered to carry out such measures or take such decisions as they consider necessary in the interests of FIDE and of the worldwide development of chess.


Provisions for currency conversion

Any money prize, stipends or fees are to be paid in the currency recognized by FIDE (Swiss Francs), or else in an exchangeable (convertible) currency desired by the recipient or acceptable to him, at the current exchange rate
of the Schweizerische Kreditanstalt, Lucerne (bankers to FIDE).

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