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IX. TV rights, filming, photographs

  1. TV rights, including video and film rights, belong to the organiser. But when appointing the organiser FIDE shall conclude an agreement detailing the specified percentages of money received for the organiser, the players and FIDE.

  2. Television cameras are permitted in the playing hall with the approval of the organiser only if they operate noiselessly and are unobtrusive. Video cameras without any light are permitted in the spectators' area when the games are in progress. The Chief Arbiter shall ensure the players are not disturbed or distracted in any way by the presence of TV, video or cameras.

  3. Only authorised reporters, with the express approval of the organiser, may take photographs in the playing hall. Permission to do so will be restricted to the first ten minutes of the first round and the first five minutes each subsequent round, unless the chief arbiter decides otherwise.

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