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VII. Penalties, appeals

  1. When there is a dispute, the chief arbiter should make every effort to resolve the matter by reconciliation. If such means fail, where penalties are not specifically defined by the Laws or the regulations, he shall have discretionary power to impose penalties for infractions of rules, to maintain discipline, to offer other solutions which may placate the offended party.

  2. The Appeals Committee shall be nominated or chosen before the start of the first round. It shall consist of a Chairman, two members and at least two reserve members. If possible, the Chairman, the members and the reserve members must belong to different federations. No arbiter, acting in the event shall be a member of the Appeals Committee.

  3. If the Chairman or one of the members of the Appeals Committee may appear to have a personal interest of the claim, he shall be replaced by one of the reserve members.

  4. A player may appeal any ruling made by the Chief Arbiter or one of his assistants, provided the appeal is submitted in written form not later than the deadline specifically fixed in advance. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

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