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V. The conduct of the players

  1. Where it is clear games have been pre-arranged, organizers my impose penalties.

  2. A player who has lost three games by default (because he has not appeared for the beginning of the games within one hour of the commencement of the sessions) shall be expelled from the competition, unless the regulations of an event indicate otherwise

  3. A player who does not wish to continue a lost game and leaves without resigning or notifying the arbiter is discourteous. He may be penalised, at the discretion of the arbiter, for poor sportsmanship.

  4. When a player withdraws or is expelled from a round-robin tournament the consequence will be as follows:
    1. If a player has completed less than 50% of his games and leaves the tournament, his score remains in the tournament table (for rating and historical purposes), but the points scored by him or against him are not counted in the final standings. The unplayed games of the player and his opponents are indicated by "-" in the tournament table and those of his opponents by "+". If neither players are present, this will be indicated by two "-".
    2. If a player has completed at least 50% of his games, his score shall remain in the tournament table and will be counted in the final standings. The unplayed games of the player are indicated as above.

  5. If a player withdraws from a Swiss-system tournament the points scored by him and by his opponents shall remain in the cross-table for ranking purposes. Only games that are actually played are rated.

  6. Articles 5.4 and 5.5 also apply to team events; both unplayed matched and unplayed games must be clearly indicated as such.

  7. A player may speak only to the arbiter or to his opponent, as permitted in the Laws of Chess, or his match captain in a team event as in 4.

  8. All complaints concerning the behaviour of players must be made to the arbiter. A player is not permitted to complain to his opponent.

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