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IV. Team Captain

  1. The role of a team captain is basically an administrative one. Depending on the regulations of the specific competition, the captain may be required to deliver, at a specific time, a written list naming the players in his team who will participate in each round, report the results o a match to an arbiter at the end of the play, etc.

  2. A captain is entitled to advise the players of his team to make or accept an offer of a draw or to resign a game, unless the regulations of the event stipulate otherwise. He must confine himself to give only brief information, based solely on the circumstances pertaining to the match.

    He may say to a player, "offer a draw", "accept the draw", or "resign the game". For example, if asked by a player whether he should accept an offer of a draw, the captain should answer "yes", "no", or delegate the decision to the player himself.

    The captain should abstain from any intervention during play. He should not give any information to a player concerning the position on the chess board, nor consult any other person as to the state of the game. Players are subject to the same prohibitions.

    Even though in a team competition there is a certain team loyalty, which goes beyond a player's individual game, a game of chess is basically a contest between two players. Therefore, the player must have the final say over the conduct of his own game. Although the advice of the captain should weigh heavily with the player, the player is not absolutely compelled to accept that advice. Likewise, the captain cannot act on behalf of a player and his game without the knowledge and consent of the player.

    All discussions shall take place in sight of the arbiter and he shall be entitled to insist on hearing the conversation.

    A team captain should influence his team always to follow both the letter and the spirit of Article 12 of the FIDE Laws of Chess concerning the conduct of the players. Team championships should be conducted particularly in the spirit of the highest sportsmanship.

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