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Handbook | C. General Rules and Recommendations for Tournaments | 06. FIDE Tournament Rules | I. Invitation and Registration

I. Invitation and Registration

  1. Once the organiser (administrator) is designated by FIDE, he must send, through the respective national federations, invitations to all participants qualified for that competition. The invitation letter should be first approved by the President of FIDE in the case of world competitions and by the Deputy-President concerned in the case of continental competitions.

  2. The invitation should be as complete as possible, stating clearly the expected conditions and giving all details which may be of use to the player.

    The following should be included in the invitation letter :

    1. The dates and site of the tournament

    2. The hotel where the players are to stay (including e-mail, fax and telephone numbers)

    3. The tournament schedule : dates, times and places of : arrival, the opening ceremony, drawing of lots, play, the closing ceremony, departure.

    4. The rate of play and the kind of clocks to be used in the tournament.

    5. The financial arrangements : travel expenses; accommodation, duration for which board and lodging will be provided , or the cost of such accommodation, including that for people accompanying the player; arrangements for meals; start money, pocket money, entry fee, full details of the prize fund, including special prizes, point money, the currency in which money will be disbursed; tax liability; visas and how to get them.

    6. The intended category of a round robin tournament, the number of participants, the names of players invited and the name of the arbiter.

    7. The date by which a player must give a definite reply to the invitation and where he shall report his arrival time.

    8. The responsibility system to be used.

  3. Invitation to a FIDE competition shall be sent, if this is technically possible, at least four months before the start of the event.

  4. The national federation, which is responsible for the organisation of a FIDE competition can entrust the technical organisation to an administrator. The national federation shall appoint an Organising Committee, one of whose members shall be designated the Tournament Director. The Organising Committee shall be responsible for all financial, technical and organisational problems, to secure necessary conditions, equipment, accommodation, publicity.

  5. The organiser shall guarantee medical treatment and medicines for all participants, seconds, arbiters and officials of a FIDE competition and shall insure them against accidents and the need for medical services, including medicines, in the case of acute illness, surgical operations, etc., but not in the case of chronic disease. The organising committee shall appoint an official doctor for the competition.

  6. Once an invitation has been issued to a player, it must not be withdrawn provided the player accepts the invitation by the reply date. If an event is cancelled or postponed, the organisers shall provide compensation.

  7. Once a player has formally accepted an invitation, he must play except in cases of force majeure, such as illness or incapacity. Acceptance of another invitation is not as a valid reason for withdrawing.

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