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F. Final Remarks


After a pairing is complete sort the pairing before making them public.

The sorting criteria are (with descending priority)

  • the score of the higher player of the pairing involved;
  • the sum of the scores of both players of the pairing involved;
  • the rank according to A2 of the higher player of the pairing involved.

Byes, and pairing not actually played, or lost by one of the players due to arriving late or not at all, will not be taken into account with respect to colour, Such a pairing is not considered to be illegal in future rounds.


A player who after five round has a colour history of BWW-B (i.e. no valid game in round 4) will be treated as -BWWB with respect to E3. So WB-WB will count as -WBWB and BWW-B-W as - - BWWBW.


Because all players are in one homogeneous score bracket before the start of round one and are ordered according to A2 the highest player of S1 will play against the highest player of S2 and if the number of players is odd the lowest ranked player will receive a bye.


Players who withdraw from the tournament will no longer be paired. Players known in advance not to play in a particular round are not paired in that round and score 0.


A pairing officially made public shall not be changed unless it violates the absolute pairing criteria (B1 and B2).


If either

  • result was written down incorrectly, or
  • a game was played with the wrong colours, or
  • a player's rating has to be corrected, then this will only affect pairing yet to be made.

Whether it will affect a pairing already made public but not yet played should be decided by the arbiter.

Unless the rules of the tournament state otherwise:


Players who are absent during a round without notification to the arbiter will be considered to have withdrawn themselves.


Adjourned games are considered draws for pairing purposes only.


F.10 In order to make the final standings the following criteria apply (in descending priority):

  • the highest number of points scored; should this be equal for several participants prize money should be shared;
  • where it concerns the first place: the best result in games played against each other;
  • the highest average rating of the opponents;
  • the drawing of lots.

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