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B. Pairing Criteria


Absolute Criteria
(These may not be violated. If necessary players will be moved down to a lower score bracket.)

  1. Two players shall not meet more than once.
  2. A player who has received a point without playing, either through a bye or due to an opponent not appearing in time, shall not receive a bye.
  1. No player's colour difference will become >+2 or <-2.
  2. No player will receive the same colour three times in row.

Relative Criteria
(These are in descending priority. They should be fulfilled as much as possible. To comply with these criteria, transpositions or even exchanges may be applied, but no player should be moved down to a lower score bracket).


The difference of the scores of two players paired against each other should be as small as possible and ideally zero.


As many players as possible receive their colour preference. (Whenever x of a score bracket is unequal to zero this rule will have to be ignored. x is deducted by one each time a colour preference cannot be granted.)


No player shall receive an identical float in two consecutive rounds.


No player shall have an identical float as two rounds before.
Note: B2, B5 and B6 do not apply when pairing players with a score of over 50% in the last round.

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