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03. Financial Regulations

Approved by the 1975 Central Committee Meeting. Amended by the 1976, 1978, 1980, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998 General Assemblies and 1999 Executive Board.

Financial Regulations can only be amended by a majority vote of the General Assembly. the exception to this is dues for members which requires a 2/3 majority.

A. Costs

(GA '96) The expenses of the President, the Deputy President, the Vice Presidents, the General Secretary and the Treasurer necessary to exercise their function as well as the other costs of the Secretariat are paid by FIDE.

However, their travelling, hotel and boarding expenses for meetings of the General Assembly, Executive Board and Presidential Board are borne by the organizing federation. If such expenses are not paid by the host federation then FIDE shall pay these expenses.


The expenses of the President and the General Secretary for meetings of the Executive Board can be paid by FIDE up to a maximum sum to be determined by the General Assembly, which maximum at this time amounts to 2,000 Swiss Francs. FIDE will only reimburse economy class tickets unless a previous exception was made by the Treasurer with the advise and consent of the Executive Director. Written requests for reimbursement of project work on behalf of FIDE must be approved by the President and or Deputy President and the Treasurer with the advise and consent of the Executive Director.


Expenses of the Continental Presidents, Zonal Presidents, Chairmen and Secretaries of permanent commissions and members of temporary commissions can be paid by FIDE only if the General Assembly decides.


The expenses of other FIDE officials will not be borne by FIDE.

B. Revenues

The revenues of FIDE accrue from:

  1. Membership fees to be paid by the affiliated federations.
  2. Entry fees to be paid by the affiliated federations for the participation in FIDE competitions.
  3. Contributions by the affiliated federations for services rendered or rights granted by FIDE.
  4. Contributions by third parties for services rendered or rights granted by FIDE.
  5. Other contributions.

A ten percent (10%) per annum interest fee shall be charged for late payments, effective one year from date of invoice.


The annual membership fee is calculated on the number of players belonging directly or indirectly to the federation with a minimum of 600 Swiss Francs and a maximum of 4,500 Swiss Francs. (GA '97)
The scale of fees is:
Up to 3'000 members SFr 600
From 4'000 to 10'000 members SFr 190 per 1'000 members
From 11'000 to 20'000 members SFr 180 per 1'000 members
Greater than 20'000 members SFr 170 per 1'000 members
With a maximum of CHF.4,500.-

CACDEC countries in level 1 and 2 will have FIDE tournaments fees, rating fees and entry fees to World or Continental events offset up to the amount of the annual membership fee (GA 97)

Continental Assemblies reserve the right to request FIDE to make an additional surcharge which currently is limited to no more than 10 % per Statute. This extra payment shall be remitted in full to the Continental Assembly (EB 99).


The minimum membership fee for a federation constituting a Zone amounts to 1,500 Swiss Francs (GA 97).


Annually in January and July the Secretariat shall bill all the federations for the services of the previous six months and additionally in January shall include the annual membership fees. Any Federation settling all outstanding amounts by the following 15 March or 15 September respectively shall be entitled to deduct 5% from the amount due (GA '97).


The amounts of the annual membership fees to be invoiced according to article 2.2 will be based on the number of members belonging directly or indirectly to the federations concerned on January 1st of the same year, or at the closing date of their previous fiscal year.


(GA '96) The entry fees mentioned in article 5 (b) amount to:
Zonal Tournaments SFr 100 for each player
World Individual Championship SFr 250 for each player
World Seniors Championship SFr 100 for each player
World Junior/Youth Championships SFr 100 for each player *
Continental Individual Championship SFr 200 for each player *
Continental Junior/Youth Championships SFr 100 for each player *
World Team Championship (Olympiad) SFr 400 for each team
World Student Team Championship SFr 100 for each team
World Youth Team Championship SFr 100 for each team
Continental Team Championship SFr 400 for each team
Continental Club (City) Cup SFr 200 for each team
World Rapid Chess Championship SFr 200 for each team
Continental Rapid Chess Championship SFr 100 for each team

* except defending champion


The fees mentioned in article 7 must be paid to FIDE at the time the participant (participating team) is entered for the competition (GA '96).

Twenty percent (20%) of the inscription fees for FIDE events will go to the credit of the organizing federation (50% in case of CACDEC federations). Provided that in the case of team events, it is only for the Continental Team Championship that the organizing federation shall be entitled to receive this rebate (GA '97)

In the case of individual Continental events, another 20 % will go to the Continental President to cover his costs (GA '95). However in the case of Continental Junior/Youth events, extra players who pay the highest entry fee shall have the extra fee of Sfr. 100.- credited to the account of the Continental Assembly (EB 99).

The maximum entry fee payable by a Federation in respect of its players entering a zonal is Sfr 2'000.- (GA '98).


If a player (team) has enrolled for participation in a FIDE competition and later withdraws his/her (its) entry less than 14 days before the beginning of the competition or does not appear at the first round of the competition, the entry fee is forfeited unless the player (team) concerned furnishes acceptable reasons for this default.


In the case of a competition organized by a federation in the 1st and 2nd category of a chess developing country, the entry fees for the participants of the organizing federation shall be waived.

In the case of youth competitions for Age groups 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18, the entry fees for the participants of the organizing federation shall be waived. (GA '93)


In the case of Continental Team Championships the fee shall be apportioned 25 % to FIDE and 75 % to the Continent (EB '99).


For Continental Club Competitions, FIDE shall retain the sum of SFr. 100.- per entry with the balance being remitted to the Continent (EB '99).


Rating fees shall be charged to the national federations on the basis of the number of their rated players included in the last published FIDE Rating List.


Annual rating fees amount to SFr.5 per player. If 75 % of the tournament reports are sent by format approved electronic data, the federation will have a 50% discount. The maximum of SFr.4,000 each year will be considered by the Treasurer (GA '97) (EB '99).

The first one hundred players per federation shall be exempted from rating fees. (GA '95)


For the application of titles the following amounts will be charged to the federations to the players concerned: (GA '95)
International Grandmaster 500 Swiss Francs (EB '99)
International Master 250 Swiss Francs (EB '99)
FIDE Master 100 Swiss Francs
International Arbiter 150 Swiss Francs
International Organizer 150 Swiss Francs
Trainer/Instructor 250 Swiss Francs


(GA '96) Title applications received at the FIDE Secretariat in Lausanne after the 60-day deadline shall be charged a supplement of 50% while those arriving at the Congress site shall be charged double the standard fee.


A certificate and a title badge are included in the amounts mentioned in article 9.


Registration fees shall be charged annually to the national federations in whose territories registered international chess competitions were held.


The registration fee is calculated on the basis of the following division: (GA '95)
Tournaments of categories 0 to 3 50 Swiss Francs (EB '99)
Tournaments of categories 4 and 5 100 Swiss Francs
Tournaments of categories 6 and 7 150 Swiss Francs
Tournaments of categories 8 to 10 200 Swiss Francs

Other categories multiply 40 Swiss Francs by the category.
Swiss Tournaments (Number of players multiplied by Sfr.2
for up to 300 players and then multiply by SFr.1
Team Tournaments (SFr.30 per team, except for national championship, which will pay a maximum of SFr.200)
Matches, according to category above.

Scheveningen Tournaments shall be charged at team event or Tournament event rate whichever is the higher (EB '99).


The annual tournament registration fees payable by a Federation shall be a maximum of SFr 4000. Any late fee charges shall be in addition to the maximum (GA '97) (EB '99).


No registration fees shall be charged for the time being for women's tournaments.


A federation that fails to submit a rating report of a registered event in accordance with Title Regulation 7.1, B.01, shall be charged a penalty fee of 100 Swiss Francs for each offence, over and above the chargeable rating fee where more than 20 % of the reports submitted in a six months period are concerned. An invoice stating the percentage of the late rating reports and the closing date of the tournament that was not reported shall be sent to the federation concerned, with a copy to the Zone President (GA '97).


Certificates for the titles awarded in affiliated international chess organizations approved by FIDE, may be obtained by request for the following amounts:
International Grandmaster 200 Swiss Francs
International Master 100 Swiss Francs
International Arbiter 100 Swiss Francs


FIDE insignias for the Individual World Champions are available at the price of 800 Swiss Francs.


FIDE publications of a general nature are for sale to the affiliated federations and to third parties. A second set of the published documents may be obtained by the federations for 250 Swiss Francs per FIDE year. Third parties shall pay 450 Swiss Francs.


The publications are also available separately at the following prices:
  Second copies for federations Third Parties
FIDE Rating List 30 SFr. 60 SFr.
Statutes and Regulations (per set) 30 SFr. 80 SFr.
Address List 40 SFr. 80 SFr.
FIDE Handbook 40 SFr. 80 SFr.
Circular Letters (annual) 40 SFr. 80 SFr.
Congress Books 100 SFr. 200 SFr.


Every two years the General Assembly determines the amount to be paid to FIDE by the organizing federation for the right to host FIDE tournaments and matches.


Every two years the General Assembly will decide whether and if so by what percentage the contributions shall be charged.


Options and bids.

  1. (GA '96) An application to organize a FIDE event (meeting or competition) shall be made on the prescribed form, accompanied by the deposit fee, to the General Assembly two years before the event. (Exceptions: Olympiad (4 years before) and World Championship, which have specific regulations.)
  2. (GA '96) The federation granted the first option shall pay the appropriate deposit fee before the conclusion of the General Assembly granting the option; otherwise, it shall be deemed to have abandoned the option and the option fee shall be forfeited. The option then passes to the next federation.
  3. Subject to (b) above, the federation granted an option shall submit to the President an offer to organize the event for which the option was granted within the specified time limit; otherwise it shall be deemed to have abandoned the option and the deposit fee forfeited.
  4. An offer not in accordance with regulations shall not be considered.
  1. An offer to organize a FIDE event (meeting or competition) shall be submitted on the prescribed form accompanied by the appropriate deposit fee unless the deposit fee has been paid in relation to an option. If the offer is rejected the deposit fee shall be credited to the federation's account or refunded forthwith.
  2. When the offer has been accepted the federation concerned must organize the event as stipulated or forfeit the deposit fee.
  3. When the event has been organized the deposit fee shall be credited to the account of the organizing federation.

Schedule of deposit fees (in Swiss Francs with special rates for continental events by CACDEC feds):
  Regular CACDEC
a. FIDE Congress
(General Assembly/Executive Board)
b. Executive Council/Pres. Board Meeting 1,000  
c. World Team Championship 10,000  
d. Olympiad (see Art. 16.4) 10,000  
e. World Youth Festival-10, 12 & 14 20,000  
f. World Boys/Girls-16 & 18 Championships 15,000  
g. World Junior Championship 10,000  
h. World Senior Championship 10,000  
i. World Under-20 Team Championship 7,500  
j. World Rapid Championship 10,000  
k. Continental Individual Championship 5,000 500
l. Continental Team Championship 5,000 500
m. Continental Junior Championship 2,500 500
n. Continental Club Championship 2,500 500
o. Continental Rapid Championship 5,000 500


For the organization of the Olympiad, a deposit of One Million Swiss Francs shall be required from organizers, refundable to them on the day of the opening of the Olympiad (see Reg. D.II.07).


With particular reference to Youth and Junior Championships for teams and individuals, the FIDE President in the case of world events and the Continental Presidents in the case of continental events shall inspect the proposed venue or designate a representative to inspect the proposed venue (at the expense of the organizers for travel and full board) to obtain full guarantees from the national federation and sponsor(s) before awarding the hosting rights for the event. The guarantees shall address the following specific matters:

  1. Costs of hotel accommodation and meals;
  2. Specific types of meals to be served to participants bearing in mind the need for a balanced diet and enough quantity of food;
  3. Arrangement made and costs of local transportation;
  4. Facilities provided for the comfort of participants at the playing hall and hostels/hotels. (GA 98)

At any time, after the award of the hosting rights for a Youth/Junior event, the FIDE President or Continental Presidents may take specific measures to rescind the hosting rights if there is sufficient evidence to show that the guarantees given by the host federation and sponsor(s), are being violated. Such measures may include the forfeiture of the deposit fees to FIDE or to the concerned Continental federation in the case of continental events (GA '97)


Affiliated International Chess Organizations shall pay affiliation fee of 1,000 SFr. on affiliation. They shall receive FIDE publications without charge.

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