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Handbook | A. Administrative Subjects | 01. FIDE Statutes | Chapter 10 - The Zonal Presidents

Chapter 10 - The Zonal Presidents


The management of each zone is assigned to a Zonal President. It is his responsibility to co-ordinate the activities of the affiliated federations in his zone.


The Zonal President represents, to the best of his ability, the interests of FIDE within his zone and those of the zone within FIDE. In matters concerning only the interests of the members within a zone but not concerning the rights and duties of a member towards FIDE, the Zonal President has equal rights and duties towards members of the zone as the President and the Continental Presidents towards all members of FIDE.


Appeals against decision of a Zonal President may be made to the Continental President of his continent.

The appeal against the decision of a Zonal President must be made in writing. It must be sent to the Continental President for his Continent with a copy to the Zonal President, who must immediately forward to the Continental President his point of view. When the appeal is made by the national federation, it has to be written personally by the President and Permanent Delegate of the federation, otherwise it will not be considered.


When electing a Zonal President, the General Assembly - apart from exceptional cases - shall agree in principle with the opinion expressed in the General Assembly by the majority of the representatives of the members belonging to the zone, or, if the zone consists of one member only, take into consideration the opinion expressed by the representative of this member.


If unable to act, the Zonal President is entitled to delegate his duties to a representative of the members of the zone.

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