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Handbook | A. Administrative Subjects | 01. FIDE Statutes | Chapter 07 - The Presidential Board

Chapter 07 - The Presidential Board


In cases of emergency the Presidential Board exercises the rights of the General Assembly and the Executive Board between meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board respectively. Such powers include taking decisions which require a 3/4 majority vote pursuant to Standing Order to 1.2. Any rights so exercised under this Article 7.1 have no continuing effect beyond the following General Assembly unless so authorized by the requisite majority vote. An emergency for these purposes is defined as a situation which calls for a decision to be made before the next relevant meeting in the interest of good governance.

However, the Presidential Board cannot take decisions on the following:

  • election of officials,
  • changes in Statutes,
  • Rules Commission matters,
  • Qualification Commission matters,
  • Budget reviews.

(GA '96) The Presidential Board consists of the President, the Honorary President, the Deputy President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Vice Presidents, the Honorary Vice-Presidents, the four Continental Presidents. Honorary Presidents are ex-officio members of the Presidential Board without vote.

In the event of any vacancy occurring on the Presidential Board, it shall be filled from within the Board by the Board, except in the case of a Continental Presidency vacancy which shall be referred for election by the particular continent, provided that the membership of the Presidential Board does not drop below the statutory requirements. (GA '95)

A Steering Committee consisting of the President, Deputy President, First Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer can convene as necessary to discuss urgent and developing issues. All actions taken by the Steering Committee must be ratified by the Presidential Board.


The Presidential Board assembles at least once every three months. In addition the President may at any time convene the Presidential Board for consultation in person, by telefax or teleconference.


The Agenda of the meetings of the Presidential Board and the summary of decisions at the meetings, shall be published by the FIDE Secretariat on the official FIDE web-site. (GA 98)

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