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Handbook | A. Administrative Subjects | 01. FIDE Statutes | Chapter 06 - Continental Assemblies - Rights and Obligations

Chapter 06 - Continental Assemblies - Rights and Obligations


The General Purpose

The Continental Assembly (hereinafter referred to as CA) is established under FIDE for chess development in each Continent. America, Asia, Europe and Africa will each establish an operating organisation to strengthen ties between countries and establish mutual goals and representation. The CA will be responsible for the organisation of Continental championships under the auspices of FIDE.



Any National Federation on the respective Continent as defined in FIDE Statutes Art 2.1 is considered a member of the CA. Any International association can be accepted as an associate CA member with observer status.



Each Continental Assembly will be responsible for choosing a President (then confirmed by the General Assembly) and 4 Representatives to the Executive Board, other officers may be chosen by the CA include but are not limited to a treasurer, and Secretary


Continental Assembly meeting

At least Annually at the FIDE Congress a Continental Assembly Meeting will be held. this meeting will be the official annual meeting at which time business of the Continent may be be conducted. (Each Continent will be responsible for drafting statutes provisions that mateh cultural and economic diversity of the Continent. these Statutes are subject to approval by the FIDE General Assembly and will be published as an Annex of the FIDE Statutes. Financial Regulations should be drafted by the Continents to address revenues, accounting and expenses. these too will be published in the Annex. the FIDE Statutes and associated regulations can serve as model for this drafting process.) (Note--until such time that each CA has drafted these documents--these statutes will serve as the interim model)

  1. the CA meeting is the highest authority of the CA
  2. the CA meeting is composed of all member federations
  3. associated members do not have the right to vote
  4. every member federation is represented by a permanent delegate or another person (proxy)
  5. a representative may have a proxy from only one additional federation beside their own
  6. each member federation bas one vote
  7. the officers and Executive Committee delegates must represent the cultural and economic diversity of the entire Continent.
  8. the CA meeting is permitted to pass resolutions if it bas been convened according to the statutes. A quorum of 50% of the affiliated federations (including proxies) is required for votes on elections and changes of the statutes. If the quorum is not fulfilled no actions can be taken.
  9. Votes are made orally unless a secret ballot is agreed to by the majority
  10. votes on elections are cast by secret ballot
  11. the annual meeting is convened by the President with 4 months notice
  12. the agenda must be sent to member federations by email, fax of regular mail 6 weeks prior to the meeting
  13. an additional fee may be charged member federations not to exceed 10% of the FIDE fee. this will be established to help the Board communicate to member federations. Entry fees for Continental events should be deposited in the CA accounts and managed by the treasurer
  14. the annual CA meeting has the following duties that cannot be delegated to another body:
    1. Election of the board and the auditor(s)
    2. Election of the Executive Committee representatives
    3. Annual budget
    4. Vote on financial regulations
    5. Change of the statutes
    6. Change of the tournament regulations
    7. Vote on the new associate members
    8. Exclusion of members acting against CA interests
    9. Other duties defined as non transferable by the CA or the statutes


  1. the affairs of the CA are managed by the Board in the period between the CA's.
  2. the Board consists of the President, the treasurer and at least four other members. The President and the treasurer are elected in function. the Board will appoint one of its members as Deputy President
  3. the Board members are chosen for a period of four years.
  4. the Board can elect from its midst a Steering Committee. The Board will establish regulations concerning the powers of the Steering Committee. The Board can nominate special Committees and officials. The Board defines the duties of and supervises these special Committees and officials.
  5. the members of the Board should belong to different federations.
  6. the Board meets whenever the President deems necessary or when three Board members eau for a meeting.
  7. the Board can make decisions by letter, fax or email if no Board member demands a meeting. Minutes of the decision have to be made in all cases.


  1. the financial year shall coincide with the calendar year.
  2. the CA budget and accounting will be based on the US dollar.
  3. all CA bank accounts shall be in the name of the CA. the Board decides on signature rights.
  4. each year at the annual CA meeting the treasurer shall present the final balanced account for approval by the CA.
  5. the CA's revenues are generated through:
    1. membership fees
    2. Entry fees for tournaments organised by FIDE
    3. Fees for services provided by the CA
    4. Other revenues
  6. the amount of membership and entry fees shall be fixed by special regulations that are approved by the CA.
  7. members, who have not paid their current fees, lose their vote at the CA. the Board can exclude them from CA events.

Miscellaneous Regulations

  1. the CA decides on the location of a permanent office at the motion of the Board.
  2. the official language of the CA is English. In documents containing versions in more than one language, the English version is the official one.
  3. Communication within the CA shall be by letter, fax or email.

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