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Handbook | A. Administrative Subjects | 01. FIDE Statutes | Chapter 05 - The Executive Board

Chapter 05 - The Executive Board


The Executive Board concerns itself with the general situation of FIDE, the activities of the President and those of other officials and organizations; it deals with the annual reports of the President and the Treasurer as well as all further subjects listed on the agenda for the General Assembly and recommends actions. During Olympiad years the Executive Board will only hold an abbreviated meeting which will discuss only those issues which are paramount on the agenda and have broad interest or those that may generate controversy at the General Assembly


The Executive Board consists of:

  1. (GA '96) the President, the Honorary President, the Deputy President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Vice Presidents, the Honorary Vice-Presidents, the four Continental Presidents, the Zonal Presidents, and four representatives from each of the Continents, and the Auditor;
  2. (b) the Men's World Champion and the Women's World Champion with a consultative voice but without the right to vote.

With the exception of the Zonal Presidents the members of the Executive Board officiate in person. No replacement is possible. FIDE shall be informed of the name of the substitute of the Zonal President in writing. the Chairman of the Commission or his representative shall be entitled to attend the Executive Board and to speak upon matters affecting his Commission but shall not be entitled to vote unless he is a member of the Executive Board. the representative of the ICCF shall be invited to attend the meetings of the Executive Board and have an observer voice, but no vote. All countries are welcome to attend the meetings of the Executive Board and express their opinions on any item of pending legislation.


The Executive Board meets at least once a year, as a rule immediately before the General Assembly and once per non Olympiad year.

The Executive Board can be convened by the President at any time.

Procedures are subject to Arts. 4.5, 4.8 and 4.9.


Recommendations by the Executive Board are subject to the regulations as applicable for the General Assembly, with the exception of Art. 4.3.


The Agenda of the meetings of the Executive Board and the summary of decisions at the meetings, shall be published by the FIDE Secretariat on the official FIDE web-site. (GA 98)

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