Program for swiss system pairings up to 29 rounds 300 players and

round robin tournaments up to 30 players.


Basic instructions:


Copy all files from diskette to directory SVICAR.

Start program typing SVICAR and press Enter.


First you see window with authors data, press any key to continue and

you see licence window. Press any key and in front of you is first

menu for entry of players or tournaments.



F2 - Save players: You can save entered players to file .FIL

                   Commands in this procedure:

                   <Tab> to jump below the first row and vice versa

F3 - Load players: You can load players, who you saved with F2 command

                   or players from other (.IGR) files

                   Commands in this procedure:

                   <Tab> to jump below the first row and vice versa

F4 - Input players: You can input players data

                   Commands in this procedure:

                   <Enter> to confirm entered data

                   <PgUp> to go to previous player

                   <PgDown> to go to next player or to confirm entered data

                   <Ctrl-Home> to jump to the first player

                   <Ctrl-End> to jump to the last player

                   <Home> to jump to the start of the row

                   <End> to jump to the end of the row

                   <up> to go to previous line

                   <down> to go to next line

                   <left> one character left

                   <right> one character right

                   <AltI> to enter players from data file REGISTER.TXT or

                          FRL.TXT (FIDE)

                   <AltB> to delete current player

                   <AltP> to view entered players

                   <AltU> to update date from REGISTER.TXT

                   <AltV> to move player on new number


F9 - Load tournament

      You can load an already saved tournament.

F10 - Drawing lots and 1st round

      You can select the criterion of drawing lots, select colours for

      player No.1 and get pairings for 1st round.

      Now you must also write in the name of data files, the name of the

      tournament and to select the number of rounds.

      You can choose between swiss or round robin system. If there is only

      one player more then number of rounds, the program automatically chooses

      round robin (if 30 players or less).


AltN - starts new tournament


Esc - Exit


After you have made pairings for the 1st round or you have loaded the

tournament with F9 then you can see the pairings of the 1st round or

the pairings of the last round (round robin or if you load tournament).


With Esc you can leave this window and you are now in the main menu.


The commands of main menu:

F1 (also Ctrl-F1) - Do pairings

        the command is self explaining


F2 - Input late players

        If you have already started the tournament and some new players want

        to play, you can add them to the list. After pressing F2 you get

        the window for entry of players. The last entered player must be

        confirmed by pressing <PgDown>.


F4 - CrossTable

        With this command you can:

        - overview the table,

        - print the table in different ways

        pressing <left> and <right> you can switch among rounds, <up> and

        <down> for listing.

        F7 - print


F5 - Rankings

        you can view and print rankings

        N - prizes

         calculation of prizes on different criterions

        F7 - print


F6 - View pairings

        you can edit pairing, print them and input results.

        F8 - edit pairings

              put the cursor to the desired player you want to change

              and write in the number of player you want to change his

              place. Then program calculates possible error and if it is

              all OK, you can leave editing in contrary you must correct

              new pairings.

        Enter - for entry of results

              0 = ½:½

              1 = 1:0

              2 = 0:1

              3 = 1:0 * (without play)

              4 = 0:1 * (without play)

              5 = 0:0 * (without play)

              6 = empty

              7 = ½:½ P (adjourned game)

              Esc - to main menu

        F7 - Print

             try different possibilities of printing

        F10 - view players data

             Enter - for selecting players No. __

             Up - previous player

             Down - next player

             F7 - print (list, statistics ...)

             AltO - resigning the player


             AltP - correct players data


F8 - Save tournament

     program saves data to 4 files:

       .IGR (players data)

       .REZ (results)

       .PAR (pairings)

       .OST (other data)


F9 - Load tournament

     with this command you can load other old or current tournaments.


F10 - view players data

     Enter - for selecting players No. __

     Up - previous player

     Down - next player

     F7 - print (list, statistics ...)

     AltO - resigning the player

     AltP - correct players data


AltB - erases last pairings if you are in swiss system (not round robin)


AltO - Options

       you can set some data:

       - tournament name

       - number of rounds

       - name of arbiter

       - ranking criterion

       - select printer (pin or laser jet)

       - select printer port

       - select language

       - select criterions for pairings


AltS - change player's number. Other player are moved 1 place.


AltN - starts new tournament


AltP - report

       automatic report of all rounds, rankings, table, ELO report and

       title report to .REP (after last round) and to HTM files. You can see tournament data

       with your favorite internet browser.

       HTM files:

       index.htm, frame1.htm, main.htm, list.htm, results.htm, table.htm, ...

       Report in Rich text format (RTF) for roundX.


R - ELO report

      FIDE ELO report and local ELO report. Select the lowest value of

      rating for calculation. Print with F7.

K - Title report

      You can see current players results and theyre possibility to win the

      title. Print with F7.


E - Edit

    You can call your favourite editor to edit or print data.



AltQ - quits the program


File extensions:

            LST - list of participants

            STA - statistics

            TAB - crosstable (do 9 rounds)

            TA3 - crosstable (do 15 rounds)

            TA2 - crosstable (with Federations)

            TBR - crosstable for round robin tournament

            TB1 - crosstable standings for round robin tournament

            RTF - crosstable for round robin tournament in rich text format

            STN - standings

            ST1 - standings for bulletin

            ST2 - Crosstable standings

            ST3 - standings in single line

            ST4 - standings in single line

            ST5 - standings with federations

            ST6 - standings for teletext TV SLO

            ST7 - standings for teletext TV SLO

            STB - standings for EXCEL

            PRI - pairings

            PR1 - results for bulletin

            PR2 - results in single line

            PR3 - results in single line

            PR4 - results in single line

            PR8 - results for teletext TV SLO

            pari.RTF - pairings v rich text formatu

            EL1 - FIDE ELO rating report

            EL2 - FIDE ELO rating report

            EL3 - National rating report

            EL4 - National rating report

            ELL - National rating report

            ELR - FIDE ELO rating report

            DB - for FIDE report !

            DB1 - for national rating report

            KAT - category report

            KTG - category report

            ABC - complete data

            ETK - list for labels

            <empty> - players report

            roundX.PGN - players data for games (pairings, F7, 5)

            biltenX.RTF - bulletin for round X.

                        After Alt-P for single rounds and Alt-H for all rounds.


HTML report

INDEX.HTM (starting file in tournament folder)

FRAME1.HTM (left frame file with links)

MAIN.HTM (main fram file with tournament title)

LIST.HTM (list of plazers)

RESULTS.HTM (results and pairings)

TABLE.HTM (crosstable standings)

GAMES.HTM (links to games)


LRAT.HTM and ELO.HTM (ELO reports created after R command)